brain forza space needle about usBrain Forza™ is a Washington based formula-driven supplier of the best supplements and lifestyle nootropics.

We do formula better

Our Mission

To push the limit of human potential as measured by creativity, physical performance and cognitive performance through supplements, functional foods, and information.

We believe in the whole body approach. It is known that cognitive performance is directly influenced by the health of your immune system and gut bacteria. Therefore, in order to achieve maximized brain performance and maintain brain health, the whole body needs to be addressed.


It all started out as curiosity. How could an element in nature change the body and the mind? What route did it take to do this? How did it do it? What actual change was happening in order to make things better (or in some cases worse)? Can we really make things better? Memory? Focus? Reverse cognitive decline? Do these brain supplements really work or is it just marketing?

I spent 4 years researching. First reading Internet blogs from popular natural health writers. Then I “borrowed” (and never returned) my sister’s Biology and Organic Chemistry textbooks. From there, I went further down the rabbit hole and taught myself to understand (pretty well) clinical studies. The real science in it’s original state, before it’s written up into an easy to digest press release or article.

What I learned was the problem was not with the science, but with the products being put out. I looked at the product market, all over the Internet you could find memory supplements, memory pills, brain pills promising to be the best brain supplement. I discovered the bad side of the industry……heavy under-dosing. You pay for the ingredient in a study, but receive only 1/10th of what was shown to work. Or, what’s even worse, I noticed combo formulas having only 1 active ingredient at a proven serving size but charging a huge premium for all the other ingredients, even though you’re really just getting one. That really got me fuming.

I am an absolute perfectionist and thought “Hey, people deserve better and I know I can do better”, and BrainForza™ was born.

We/I promise to create some of the most unique products on the market and sell to you only the best ingredients and formulas. Already, I could say our advanced formulas are arguably the most unique in the world, but hey, I’m biased. You will also notice that we use the clinically proven version of an ingredient as often as possible and our advanced formulas contain usually at least three clinically proven versions of an ingredient.

I want BrainForza™ to be the go-to company when you think of brain formulas, whether it be to support focus and concentration, memory, healthy aging, increase mental and physical performance during sports (they go hand int hand with the former usually being neglected in formulas), support mood and manage stress or another reason we have not yet addressed (send us suggestions! We listen!). We are dedicated to the science and as we grow, we hope to help change the industry and the lives of those using our products in a positive way.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy what you find!

Greg Loukas
President and Founder



The materials used are just as important, if not more so, than the formula itself. you could have the best formula in the industry, but if your ingredients are poor-quality and non-functional, then what’s the point? we purchase and test ingredients from the best suppliers around the world and only use the most active.


It is our goal to make the best formulas on the market. We want to win awards. Months are put into researching ingredients and combinations. All our formulas are considered “on-going” so that modifications can be made as new information and/or ingredients become available.

We get feedback from chemists, pharmacists, industry professionals and the online community on ingredients and formulations in order to make and perfect products to the users satisfaction.


During our research process we weed out non-functional ingredients and use only ingredients that have been proven to work, or have a long history with many positive user reports that it cannot be ignored. Our team will then test the ingredient to make sure the desired result is achieved (test the formula by taking it).