American Ginseng Root

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Premium 100% USA Wisconsin grown grown American Ginseng root, aged 5-6 years for high ginsenoside content.



  • High-Quality, Wisconsin grown, 5-6 year aged pure American Ginseng Root
  • Support for working memory, cognitive processing, and attention*
  • May support healthy blood sugar levels, mood and calmness*
  • Long history of use, known to promote “Yin” energy – cooling*
  • 100% Pure USA grown American Ginseng Root (Panax quinquefolius)

Made in the USA in a brand new cGMP & NSF® Certified Facility.


Not to be confused with ‘Panax’ or Asian ginseng, American ginseng is a pale-brown root with an impressive history. Native to North American forests, this slow-growing herb has increased in popularity over the years. Nearly harvested to extinction, American ginseng is both harvested from the wild and commercially cultivated — essentially mimicking conditions found in their forest habitat.


Although this root is growing in popularity today, it’s believed that it was utilized by native tribes long before it became a commodity. Historians have stated that these North American tribes, amazingly used wild American ginseng much in the same manner that Asian cultures used Panax ginseng.

In 1714, a Canadian Jesuit became interested in this root when he encountered Asian ginseng while working in China. After discovering American ginseng in Canada, which was then referred to as the ‘New World,’ Father Lafitau began exporting several pounds to China. Soon after, it was also discovered in a number of areas throughout Northeastern United States.

By the time the 1800s rolled around, this plant was no longer abundant — and although native populations have continued to dwindle since those days, wild ginseng is still being harvested within the eastern United States. It continues to grow naturally from Maine to Georgia, and is also grown in other regions throughout Canada and the United states. Today, it is offered for its potentially powerful health promoting effects.

American Ginseng Root May Possibly Support:

  • Working memory and cognition*
  • Blood sugar*
  • Stress management*
  • Male reproductive health*
  • Immune system support*


Wisconsin, USA


None – Pure Root


As a dietary supplement, take two capsules twice daily with water. For best results, use for at least three months.

Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root

Brain Forza American Ginseng Reviews

Please remember, everyones body is different and what works for others may not work for you. As stated on our front page, we do our best to get you premium standardizations and follow serving sizes as consistent as possible with published literature to give you the best chance possible at achieving your desired health and nutrition goals.

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