Super Blitz Organic Coffee

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Ultra-Caffeinated Super Blitz™ Organic Coffee imported directly from Peru. Grown 860 MASL, this coffee is bitter, acidic, earthy and very, very strong. Drink it black.

USDA Certified Organic Material | Fair Trade | Non-GMO | Extra Strong

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Brain Forza Super Blitz Coffee Peru Roast



S U S T A I N A B L E • F A I R T R A D E

Our premium Peruvian roasted coffee heralds from the Ene river valley in Peru. Farmed at 860 MASL, the beans grow in a tough environment, and the flavor is noticeably strong and acidic. This coffee is not for “coffee snobs” looking for fruity, flowery flavors.

This coffee is for the true coffee lovers. The ones that like to drink it black (or with a little almond milk).

If you’re looking for a strong, deep, rich, raw, from-the-ground coffee taste, than this coffee is definitely for you.


Unlike most accustomed to the “American” taste pallet of sweet and smooth beans, this coffee has a nice, rich texture and taste with a bittersweet afterburn. Any Europeans here? Those familiar with Greek and/or Turkish coffee will know and love this flavor. It is similar and will make you feel right at home.

This coffee should also be made the same way, with a Briki (copper pot). This is the way the mountain people made the coffee and is the best way to consume it. You can find simple instructions below.

The coffee material is Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified.

Bitter • Earthy • Acidic • Stimulating


We would describe the taste as bitter, acidic, earthy and gritty. This coffee is strong. Use less water and more beans to fully enjoy the richness of the taste and drink it black.

This coffee is for the purists and will definitely give you the buzz you are looking for.


How To Make a Cup of Brain Forza Super Blitz Organic Coffee


6-8oz of clean water


copper coffee pot aka “briki”


3-4 tbsp Super Blitz Coffee


small coffee cup


a good coffee bean grinder


about 15 minutes to complete

Step 1: Prepare

Get together the necessary items:

  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee beans
  • Cups (small coffee cups)
  • 6-8oz of clean water
  • Coffee pot
  • Spoon (tbsp)

Step 2: Grind the Beans

Pour the beans into the grinder and get grinding. Make sure to thoroughly grind the beans into a very fine, consistent powder. The finer the powder, the better the drinking experience will be.

Step 3: Pour and Slow Boil

Place the finely ground coffee bean powder into the coffee pot, then add the water. If you do like and want sugar, add it after placing in the coffee powder. Turn the heat on low to medium, it should be a slow boil. When the flame is on, gently stir the coffee to help evenly blend the powder and water for about 10-20 seconds. The powder will not dissolve, that is normal.

Over the next few minutes, closely watch as the water slowly boils and the foam bubbles and rises. Make sure the coffee does not boil over. When the foam starts rapidly rising, grab and lift the pot up away from the flame, gently tap the pot with a spoon a few times, then slowly lower it onto the flame again, repeat once more.

If there is no foam and/or the foam is not rising after about 3-5 minutes, turn the heat up, it was not hot enough.

Step 4: Pour and Enjoy

As you finish your last “tap and drop” and see the foam boil up again quickly, remove the coffee and turn off the flame. It’s ready. Slowly, slowly pour your coffee into a cup. There should be a nice layer of little bubbles/foam on the top. Thats it! Its ready to enjoy!

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